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As I am moving on, I have decided to provide some books written in English, so it is essential for me to have an English corner on my website. Here you can click the following links and read news and posts in the English language. You can always communicate directly with me. I will be glad to answer your questions.

Short Biography Note:
Stavros was born in Greece. He lives in Lykovrisi with his wife Konstantina and his two daughters Anna Maria and Rafaelia. He has a bachelor's degree in theatrical studies and he works as an English teacher. 
He has written fiction novels (Shadows was the first to have been published, greek title ''Skies''), poems, short fiction stories, and theatrical plays. He has won the first prize of short horror stories competition in 2017 by Dyas Publications. He loves reading books equally in writing them.

Here are Stavros's stories in the English language: 

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Τελευταία Νέα

''Κλικ'' ή Γιατί δεν πήγα ποτέ κατασκήνωση (Διήγημα)

Στοιχεία για τη φωτογραφία εδώ   Όταν ήμουν μικρός ζητούσα επίμονα από τους δικούς μου να με στείλουν στην κατασκήνωση. Κι εκείνοι αρνούνταν...

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Οι ιστορίες μικρού μήκους από τη δημοσιογράφο Σοφία Λαέρτη!

Διαβάστε δωρεάν την ιστορία μου μικρού μήκους «Το παγκάκι στην άκρη του γκρεμού»!